I am appointed by the State of Oregon to notarize documents in the State of Oregon.

One of the notary’s main responsibilities is to determine, beyond all reasonable doubt, that the person who has come for a notarial act is the same person named in the document as the signer. The signer must either be personally known to the notary (regular interaction over time has given the notary a deep-seated belief in the person’s identity); or the signer must present satisfactory evidence of identification, such as a state-issued driver’s license. Some states also allow use of one or two credible witnesses to vouch for the identify of a signer, subject to the credible witness(es) ability to truthfully swear to a series of statements about the signer.

The fee to notarize a signature is $10.00 per signature, per person.

If you require mobile notary services I can come to your place of residence or place of business. Please call my office at (541) 412-7800 to discuss fees and make arrangements.